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ABBA-Jazz mit dem Lisa-Björänge-Quintett

9. Mai 2016 @ 20:00 - 22:30

- Eintritt frei
pic from Lisa-Bjoeraenge-Quintet

ABBA in Jazz-Gewand

wer könnte das besser machen, als eine der ausdruckstärksten Sängerin der schwedischen Jazz Szene ?!

Lisa Björänge mit ihrem gleichnamigen Quintett:

  • Lisa Björänge – Voice
  • Klas Toresson – Tenor Saxophone
  • Fabian Kallerdahl – Piano
  • Pär-Ola Landin – Double Bass
  • Jon Fält – Drums

Lisa Björänge wird oft als eine der ausdrucksstärksten Sängerinnen der schwedischen Jazz Szene der letzten paar Jahren bezeichnet. Am 15. April 2015 veröffentlichte das Lisa Björänge Quintett ihr neues Album BANG! (Hoob Records). Das neue Album enthält ihre eigenen Songs sowie Coverversionen von einigen der unsterblichen Pop-Songs von keinem anderen als ABBA und den Beatles, präsentiert in einer perfekten Mischung von einer der kohäsivsten Jazz Gruppe Schwedens derzeit. Lisas Kompositionen vermitteln ihre Texte und Emotionen und erschaffen einen Raum, in dem die Musiker wachsen und spielerisch etwas völlig Neues erschaffen können, jedes Mal wenn die Songs aufgeführt werden.

On April 15, 2015, Lisa Björänge Quintet released their new album BANG! (HOOB Records). Lisa Björänge is often presented as one of the most expressive jazz singers to come onto the scene over the last couple of years. The new album includes her own songs as well as covers of some of the most immortal pop songs from none other than ABBA and The Beatles, creating the perfect mix from one of the most cohesive jazz groups out there right now. Lisa’s compositions are just as much about delivering her lyrics and emotions as they are about creating a space where the musicians can grow, be playful and create something completely new together every time the songs are performed.

The audience and the press were thrilled ..

Eintritt frei, Spenden willkommen!


”Lisa Björänge sings and phrases with confidence, both in her improvisation and when she sings lyrics, often in the higher register of the scale. Sometimes theatrically expressive, regardless of whether it’s a fast or a slow tempo. One close comparison would be how Sheila Jordan handles her voice. All songs are sung and played with an unbelievable feeling.
(…)Among her own songs, the opening tunes Outside the Box and Go Away, are both played with simultaneous sharp movements and a delightful swing. The two more sombre songs You Need To be Gentle with backup song, and Falling Fast, are played with sincerity. Lisa Björänge shows that she can more than handle both uptempo and ballads very well and that she masters the art of composition. The group’s interaction with one another is excellent and there is of course skillfully creative solo improvisations from each one of them within the frame of the ten songs.”

– “Dig Jazz” Thord Ehnberg

”We’re going to hear more of Lisa Björänge in the future, you can be sure of that. The rhythm/groove/power is there from the first song and more intense moments are beautifully intermixed with thoughtful solo parts. Lisa Björänge’s voice can move easily and graciously, with an expression that is both musical and natural.
(…)Lisa’s own songs are not bad at all, on the contrary. Kill the Doubts, a song Jon Fält opens with a playful drum solo, has an energy and a drive that makes me completely elated. Falling Fast, with Fabian Kallerdahl’s beautifully played piano intro, Lisa’s sensitive song and Pär-Ola Landin’s soft bass solo leaves you with goosebumps.”

-”Gefle Dagblad” Camilla Dal

”Behind the microphone, one of the most expressive of all the young jazz vocalists that have made an appearance on the jazz scene lately. Lisa Björänge dares to show herself from many sides. Tender at times, bold at others, composed when it is appropriate and damn intensive at other crucial moments. Her scat singing is high class and the collaboration with her band members is a joy to see and hear.”

– “OJ“ Leif Domnérus


9. Mai 2016
20:00 - 22:30
Eintritt frei


Galerie Terzo
Grolmanstraße 28
Berlin, 10623 Deutschland